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You’re going to have dreams about her, and it’s going to freak you out. They’re going to be vivid but thankfully ephemeral (although that doesn’t mean they won’t be reoccurring). Why? Have you not allowed yourself to feel what your soul wanted you to feel? Have pushed down your sadness, your sense of loss, and that tiny flame of rage? Because she’s inside of your head at night, and you can’t control it. People will tell you this is indicative of something, and of course you don’t want to hear that, but it brings in the doubt. Do you miss her? Do you need her back in your life? In the daylight hours when you can wander out to your stoop and sit in the sun, where your head is the clearest, you know her time in your life has past. At night, at night though, your doubts run wild throughout your head.  Close your eyes and take a breath. Brother, you are doing fine. Aside from physically removing her entirely from your life, emotionally you cast her out from the haunts of you soul, too. But still, maybe she lingers in your subconscious, but then again, so does everybody you meet. The people you know, knew, loved and hated all help shape you into the person you are. So let her have a few minutes a night, from time to time. Like most ghosts, she’ll disappear once you ignore her for long enough.  

John Waite — “Missing You”

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